A Trip Through the Woods – Setting the Scene

Next step in creating my Cabin Scene UI was to build all the assets in Blender.

The style I’m using is low poly and uses flat diffuse color, and not needing to unwrap UV’s or add textures made the process pretty quick. I justified my hastiness by telling myself I’d go back and do everything properly, of course, that is easier said than done.

One thing I forgot to do was create lightmapping UV’s- because I used used flat color materials I didn’t need to unwrap my meshes. I also didn’t realize I needed to generate the lightmapping UV’s when importing my assets into Unity (something that would come back to bite me). Also, I forgot to name and group all my objects in Blender…this meant when bringing them into Unity it was very hard to see what was what to create Prefabs (yet another thing I messed up on which I will touch on later…)

Anyway, to start out I modelled my cabin and tested the colors/lighting as seen here:


Then I made a simple low poly tree and duplicated it to make a quick forest surrounding the cabin:


Here’s a shot of me playing around with the lighting inside the cabin in Blender :


screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-9-43-23-pm(This turned out to be not so useful as Unity’s lighting worked and looked quite different.)

Once I was happy enough with the model I exported as an FBX then imported into Unity. It imported as one folder with a whole bunch of meshes titled ‘Cube’ and ‘Sphere’ etc…not great file management….

Next step was to re-position my camera that I had previously set up, to where I wanted it with the new assets. The world was also looking a little incomplete so I downloaded and added a free skybox texture (with the assumption that I would go back and create my own later).

I then wanted to animate the door- so that when the camera moved inside the cabin, it would swing open first. I easily set up Open Door aid Close Door animations mechanim. I also wanted a second UI button, which would move the camera into the woods, instead of into the Cabin. So, I created another button and another camera animation in mechanim, and hooked it up in the code*. I also added a simple slide in animation on the UI Panels, so that different menus would slide in and out, depending on where you were in the scene.

With some lights quickly added inside the cabin, and a really simple particle effect in the woods (to give it a magical feel) it was coming along nicely:

Here it is with a few more tweaks – adding a smoke particle effect to the chimney and some more tinkering with the UI (adding background panel and button textures as well as a font).  I liked the way this was looking but the forest and environment needed work.

Next step…back into Blender to work on my models and then tweak the scene with more lighting, effects and polish.


*The coding side of this wasn’t too complicated…but as I am writing this a few weeks after I completed this, I can’t remember enough to explain it properly in written format. In future posts, I’ll make sure to update soon after I complete something so that it is fresh in my mind!