Let the Blogging Begin!

Hi!  I’m Danielle. I’m a digital artist and designer from Vancouver, Canada.

Currently, I’m working as Creative Director at Fuel Powered. In the past I have worked as a UI/UX designer and digital artist across a variety of industries including games, web, e-Learning and advertising.

Like a lot of people with access to the internet…I sometimes suffer with procrastination. So I’m using this blog to help motivate me to keep going on personal projects. I’ll be posting about my progress and sharing bits and pieces I learn along the way.

It’s always been a dream of mine to complete a game from start to finish. My coding skills are limited, so I figure starting off with a simple start scene for an imaginary game is a good place to start…and then, who knows?

Inspired by games like Firewatch or The Long Dark, I want to create a stylized piece that focuses on a natural environment. Tentatively titled- A Trip Through the Woods, I’m building the project in Unity and am modelling world assets in Blender.

2D art and UI is my usual specialty, so it will be a challenge learning how to incorporate 3D art into a working world. Overall, I’ll be happy if I end up with something I am moderately proud of that I can technically call a working ‘thing’.


Wish me luck!