A Trip Through the Woods – Keeping Scope Tight.

Truth be told, I started this project a few weeks ago. Only just got around to starting to blog now but I’m going to try and break down my past progress in the way that it happened.

This isn’t the first personal project I have started…but maybe it will be the first I stick with past a very early concept phase. So this time, I am keeping the scope tight.

A working start screen and UI for an imaginary game. Should be doable….right?

I’ve been playing with a 3D low poly style lately- it’s simple and time wise doesn’t take me as long as making something more realistic. It should make the learning process easier as I’m sure I’ll make tons of mistakes- keeping the style something I can do quickly means I can go back and make revisions easily when needed (or start from scratch if needed).

And as much as I’d like to make a full, working game, I have to be realistic with my skills. While I have done some UI coding in unity- I’m essentially a novice. It doesn’t mean I can’t learn as I go, but I don’t particularly want to set myself up for failure by starting something I won’t be able to finish.

So, creating a stand alone start scene, while not super exciting, should start as a decent base to get up to speed with Unity, and get a feel for if this project could be something more. (If I was a gameplay designer I’d probably start with gameplay…but I feel comfortable with UI and concept art so that is where I will start!

I really high level list of the things I’ll need to accomplish are:


– Concept art and rough sketches of scene layout

– Mockups and flows of the UI (I’m thinking a main menu, settings menu and Play menu)

– 3d Models for the scene

– 2D art assets for the UI

– Set up and lighing of 3D models in Unity

– Set up and animation of camera in Unity

– Set up and programming of UI

– Sourcing some sweet background tunes/sound fx

– Branding and logo for the game


First up…concept art!